Meet the team

Talented people to bring you new ideas and solutions.

  1. Alejandro Sánchez Acosta

    Founder of Mobsyte and development responsible. Always positioned one step ahead to bring you the definitive web experience. From his programmer dungeon or carrying his voice to the entrepeneur forums. Leading the whole team and redesigning technologies that will make your life easier.

  2. Alberto Cardador

    Marketing manager, simplicity cosmonaut and daddy of two sons. Venice merchant soul, he likes to stay calm and think twice when everything appears to collapse. You´ll catch him studiying competitors, collaborating in blogs or cycling.

  3. Claudia Herrera

    Electricity from the Caribbean. A proactivity torrent and hound for opportunities. She provides her uncanny abilities and infinite passion to get no one out of the game. If you come up with and idea she will reduce it to a Word: sell it!

  4. Francisco Cardoso

    Twitter, Facebook and blogger virtuoso. He has an exquisite ability to edit images. Soccer lover and prolific writer, Francisco raised in healthy climates such as the Scottish and Finnish ones. He will recommend you to visit his hometown, Porto, and taste a good wine.

  5. Taylor Aust

    Born with proud in NYC. Raised in Dexter, Philadelphia. Country music lover. Metrics and data sybarite. Healthy food advocate. Taylor is able to measure your sleep time and extract precise conclusions.

  6. Andrés Hidalgo

    Visual creator and slide show lover, “Sandi” works in the Mobsyte trenches and compites in the Spanish domestic Floorball championship focusing his dark side of the force on rival net.

Our History

Mobsyte was founded in 2013 by Alejandro Sánchez Acosta. His idea was to bring everyone a highly editable website creator that could be updated without programing knowledge.

But, how can this be possible? -- Well, our product synthesizes tons and tons of programming tasks into a single easy online website creator. The concept is not new, we know. But we have given it a twist for you to enjoy the experience and its simplicity.

Where are the roots of Mobsyte? Born from Neurowork, a startup that provided technology to several companies. Later on, the company developed several Android and iOS applications. It evolved under the name eMobc and submerged into the mobile market, becoming a leader in applications and web pages for these kind of devices.

The appearance of several companies that built website creators for independent professionals and their implementation on all types of devices, led to a new business model. eMobc no longer would focus exclusively on mobile devices and was renamed Mobsyte, a company dedicated to provide a website creator for desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

But here and now, our future is being written thanks to the work of a team whose dream is to make life easier for its customers by offering new tools. Therefore, we have revolutionized the concept of website creators and adopted a completely new philosophy for you. Today, Mobsyte gives you the ability to create web pages and learn educational marketing tools to help you turn your business into a 360 experience.

Enter our editor and try it out. The knowledge of our team is at your disposal for your benefit.

Squeeze it!