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It is very possible that you got here through a link or after consulting your favorite browser on how to create a web page. If this is your case, you’ve come to the best place to do it. At Mobsyte we make websites, but we like to help people create their own.

If this is the first time you face the challenge of creating a web page, you will find it much easier than it looks.

I want to show that, when creating a website, one must ask a few questions and put them in writing. Thus, it is much easier than dumping all your content and registering your website without reversing it.

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1. Purpose of your website. It should be clear what the purpose of your website. Much depends on the business you have. Would you like a catalog of services and products? Want a way to showcase your merchandise? Want to reserve your restaurant for an event? Are you a photographer who needs an exquisite portfolio?

If your goal is to keep customers, you also need to use a social blog to promote your business on different networks. Ultimately, choose the purpose of your website. This will help you choose a default template offered by Mobsyte.

2. Features and hierarchy of your website. Once you know the purpose of your website, choose the most appropriate template based on your business and select the sections to input your information. I recommend you use a master document or “canvas” where you can put your business name, slogan and other areas such as services, location, contact, your computer, etc.

Remember that the order is essential to the success of your future visitor finding information quickly and easily.

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3. Style and appearance. It is obvious that a great visual design helps to better sell a website. However, do not be fooled. The true potential of existing templates is about simplicity, usability and glance. Better something simple, understandable and navigable (capable of displaying information at first glance) than modern visual effects and lots of other elements that distract your visitors.

Personally, I also believe that a video attracts more attention than an image and an image attracts more attention than text (always within a range of acceptable quality). Make sure you are content with the quality of the video. If not, consider using a professional service.

Does your site need a map, a contact form, or additional tabs? As you answer these questions, keep in mind the order and hierarchy within your web page. Everything has its place, so give special attention to this step to ensure your future clients find the information they need as clearly and quickly as possible.

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Be aware that your business should have a certain aesthetic but you personally have your own opinions when it comes to to colors, images, fonts … Solve this internal struggle by revisiting the question you posed at the start (what is the goal of this page web). So you will find the key to how your website should look.

My personal opinion is that form follows function and that the message and the meaning have to come first. In the upcoming “pill” I’ll explain more aspects of creating a website so you can make your own with Mobsyte in just a few minutes.

Until then … Welcome!

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