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Last week I have shown you how to create a YouTube account and host videos to promote your ideas. If you have already uploaded a video to both Youtube and your website… I have reached something interesting and you are exponentially improving your chances!

I think it’s time to discuss deeply about the video format and explain why I think it is so crucial. It´s up to you to see how any company or brand needs a set of videos to be released to market their products and services accordingly.

video marketing

If you have a good video strategy, your ROI increases as a part of the overall marketing strategy. Imagine that I publish a post about the fall Berlin´s Wall and you narrate the same circumstance through a video with plenty of historical images. Who will get more visitors? Surely, your video would reach a larger audience than my written words.

Make no mistake, some people prefer reading words. But when you need to focus on your Marketing campaigns and want to get the maximum number of customers, video format is the answer. Millions of people would rather prefer to watch a bad movie adaptation than read the authentic written good novel. Have you ever thought about it?

online marketing

Now I’m going to ask you to imagine different levels of interest from your audience. When they see your videos and compare it with the level of interest generated by your text, photos and graphics contents. What do you think is the most effective format?

If you take advantage of video marketing you can evoke more than an impulse of purchasing or simple interests. We are talking about visual contents that evoke feelings in your audience. So I am going to analyze you the most common four feelings that you can achieve with video format:

1. Trust - Online videos have a major advantage over other content marketing: t the human touch that it brings to brands. When real people appear in a video, viewers’ trust is earned. With the increasingly fierce competition between brands, this confidence can make the difference.

2. Curiosity - If you want to stir the curiosity of your potential audience, cut your audiovisual contents into small chapters (follow this example). It´s a tactical approach for online marketing that becomes very effective when you want to get conversions in the form of subscriptions. End your videos with a teaser for what may appear on the next chapter and adds “call to action” on your website with details not shared on the video link.

video marketing

3. Confidence - Usually, when a potential client is considering to do business with your company, they search for customer testimonials. If you have a text with a name and location you will convince them only halfway. Make a video testimonial instead and identify the speaker with that person and his feelings. This eliminates any reluctance from your potential customer. (follow our examples)

4. Amusement – Today, much of the viral online and social media contents are movies. This is because they are funny to be watched and many of them extremely creative. Search for a concept or a story related to your niche and bring it to life by blending creativity and humor. It´s the perfect recipe also to increase the number of fans of your brand. It´s not easy to get the hook, but if you succeed, you will make a giant leap to surpass your competitors.


Now let me tell you some interesting facts:

· 93% of marketing professionals (surveyed in 2012 and 2013 by ReelSEO) reported that they employed video contents in their campaings and 82% of them found it useful for their ROI.

· Mobile apps that help sharing and playing videos increase more and more: In 2012 and 2013, the spent average time of watching online videos doubled via mobile. The same goes for tablets beacause they tripled the rates.

· 50,000 million messages will have been sent at the end of 2014 via Facebook, WhatsApp or Messenger (according ibitimes.co.uk). Most of them will have been in online video format.

· Platforms that resemble VideoScribe format are a serious growing trend: Formats that use animation by hand or explain stories have increased exponentially in recent years targeting small and medium businesses.

· Videos embedded in email improve CTR: According to Experian, the click-through rates have increased between 7 and 13% by just mentioning the word “video” in the subject line of emails.

As you saw last week, Mobsyte allows you to upload or embed videos on your website but if you do not have the structure to create the source material (videos) please, contact us and we’ll tell you how you can do it.

As you saw last week, Mobsyte allows you to upload or embed videos on your website but if you do not have the structure to create the source material (videos) please, contact us and we’ll tell you how you can do it.

Some of the most popular video formats to generate user engagement and brand visibility are testimonials, product demonstrations, instructional videos, tutorials, interviews and VideoScribe type animations.

Do you have any suggestion about videos? Which one have caught your attention enough to be shared?

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