Marketing can be funny

If you are a startup, an entrepreneur or you love marketing and you are bored of typical things, here is your blog, a different one where things can be really funny.

First a little presentation. I’m Alejandro Sánchez Acosta, I’m the founder of Mobsyte and with the help of a wonderful team, we have created an incredible service to create awesome mobile sites so business can engage their customers. I studied Computer Engineering, an Executive MBA in EAE and I have been founded in the latest 7 years several startups in Spain. Now we are moving to USA and one of our goals is attracting 1 million of registered users in one year.

But that isn’t easy, I experimented a lot of problems with business and marketing. A few years ago, I didn’t have a deep knowledge of a lot of terms like PPC, Funnel, Value Proposition, Business Plan, Canvas… Lot of concepts and I had to read a lot, study an executive MBA, and practice. That is the reason because we want to help people with marketing and democratize the usage of internet tools to help growing every business.

One of the things I really liked in the past years, is Growth Hacking. A company can experiment a big growth thinking with the “head”. Yes, you need to think with your brain and always apply the common sense. These are the basic rules in Marketing. But you need to know the basic things and start your business from the floor and have a plan. Do you imagine a captain navigating in the sea without a compass or a map? It’s impossible to arrive your destine.

So in the next weeks, we are gonna be working in a lot of stuff so you can enjoy more marketing and see how with the initial concepts and a basic ideas, so you can create your own startup and make it growth in a funny way. The first article will be related Value Proposition, one of the basic things in every business and you will be surprised in the way we are gonna explain you.

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