Inside Mobsyte's editor

I am a great admirer of simplicity …

Indeed, that was one of the things that encouraged me to start my adventure with Mobsyte. Because I think that anyone should be able to create a website in a few steps, intuitively. I have done so and I urge you to try it it for yourself and experience this simplicity.

Lets get started!

The first step towards creating a website on Mobsyte is signing up. Mobsyte then leads us to the template selector, color and category.

We click according to our preferences and this leads directly to the editor.

web editor

Once in the editor I recommend you do the demonstration tour. It does not take more than 5 clicks to see how the modules work. Another way of understanding how it works is the video that appears at this link. In case you did not know, the editor Mobsyte works under the “drag and drop” system, so you can drag objects from the left to the center column and edit according to your personal preference.

webite editor

You can choose from three modules: elements, sections, and extras. In this regard I recommend that you save all the changes you make to avoid having to redo stages.

If you look closely, within the elements you can find text boxes, forms, maps, insert pdf’sand other utilities which, in itself, would be more than enough to have a web page within the standards that are in demand today.

Try it out and drag in the content you need. Edit all you want and always save everything you do.

editor web

Another thing I love is Mobsyte editor invites you to test their potential. I have been very picky when it comes to creating my website and so I spend time with the Extras module.. There are utilities like calendar, blog, or website and insert html pages and products (if you have online store) that will make your website incredible.

In my case, I especially enjoy the blog, because it allows me to communicate what I want and announce news to all my clients and friends.

But if you still want to get back to the more demanding Sections. There are utilities on listings and keypads that are perfect to complete the aesthetic appearance of your website and manage the content just the way you want it.

If you look closely, some of the options are labeled “pro” and are only available at a premium plan to at 19 euros / month. Understandable when you consider these options clearly improve the results of our work.

Once you finish editing items, extras and sections, you can preview the result or publish directly. You can choose the box that corresponds with the plan you want and then your domain will appear.

 inside editor web

I think this explains how easy it is to create a website with Mobsyte editor, but if you have any ideas or suggestions I’d love to get hear them. Post them in the comment box or via the contact form.

See you at our next learning pill!

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