How to get more comments on your Blog

Hello friends,

Recently I was lucky enough to participate through Linkedin on a debate about blog´s general quality and the prices that are paid for some articles. The conclusions are too many to mention, but I feel lucky to be able to tell you this: on the day that I need to make money with my blog, I have lost part of my passion.

Participating on the debate has been also useful to realize that there is a very important subject that I would like you to take it in consideration when you create your blog: the comments on your posts.

In the same way that I communicate with my followers writing a post, they communicate with me writing a comment. It´s very clear that when you start with your blog, network or website, you are not so sure who will be your readers. For the simple reason of positioning your blog on Google, you should make an effort to use techniques to increase comments and also tol be able to understand better your readers.

How to get more comments on your blog

I believe that getting comments allows to:

  • Call to action: Asking a question, open a debate or a poll. Participation is interesting to allow that people engage with your ideas and you can become popular.

  • To know what kind of public you reach out: Encouraging and studying the comments makes that you can dissect your public and obtain useful information if you make some changes in regards to style or topics.

Usually I collaborate with some blogs and I have went through the fact that I couldn't get any comment, at least for a period of time. The first conclusion I get is that, that shouldn't sound the alarms. If I can´t get any comments it can be for many reasons. The number of visits might not be enough, or that my followers are not willing to comment. Believe me, at any case it´s because you're doing something wrong.

One of the greatest tools that I`ve got the knowledge of to increase comments is the previous subscription to the blog. Not everyone has got the time to complete it and and less if they have doubted for an instant to comment. If you take in consideration this action you avoid an embarrassing mistake. Reduce the registration process as much as possible as you can to the point where it only consists on filling in a field with text and press the key “to send”. On top of that you can add another field with your email address to manage possible spammers.

Another advice that I can give is: write on a clear and simple way. I always try to communicate with straightforward words, aside of my style. I am not saying that you should force yourself to be short on “lexical richness” and reduce your vocabulary to the minimum, but I believe that you have to bear in mind the readers that follow you. Make sure you are aware of their education level and the focus of your activity. If you are easy to read, you will generate the necessary trust on people for them to comment with more confidence..

How can you get more comments?

  • Personally, I believe that everything starts with an idea, I prefer to write about practical topics, before I wonder about hipótesis or theories. Focus on your own experience, share it and talk about it. I follow many blogs, and not because they talk about a specific thing, but because the writer´s experience seems interesting.

  • The best blogs in the world are told on the first person. When you read about an experience lived by an author that you can be identified, with will connect emotionally. And that incentivizes one to comment or debate a point of view with more courage.

  • I recommend you to mention other experiences and parallel cases. Especially if they have to do with your field of business. I have started this post remembering a debate I saw on Linkedin. You can offer a diversity of opinions for you readers to come back to your blog and comment their own experience.

  • Share links on other websites and promote debates that you want to be commented on. I can assure you that your post can lack comments on your website but they can be spread throughout other networks that you have been sharing links. The niche readers that comment on your post might be outside of your blog. Pay attention to this and create your redirecting strategy

  • Drop some open questions at the end that allows your followers to add something to the article. That will also allow you to establish their intention and knowing the topic that your audience enjoys the most. You can save time and get your future ideas ready.

Now it´s your turn. How do you do to get comments on your blog? Which are the blogs that get your attention? And which bloggers do you admire?

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