How to create a Paypal account


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Today lets take a look at how to sign up for a paypal account for your business. This process is fairly simple and easy, and will allow you to offfer Paypal as a payment method for your online customers.

1.Go to

To open your business account, click the the "open business acccount"


2.Create your buinesses Paypal

Select the "Sign up for Paypal" button to proceed


3.Choose your accout type

Choose between the free or paid account to continue. You can always upgrade your account at anytime after you have ccreated your free account


4.Complete the provided form

Complete the form to continue


5.Enter your business's details

Enter the form with information about your buessines with its type, category, subcategory, projected sales, and website.


6. Personal information

In accordence with the Patriot Act, you must enter your social security number in order to prevent fruad and money laundering schemes



Hit the "Submit" button and your account will be submitted for reviewal by the Paypal team. Congradulations on the creation of your Paypal account.

To learn more about the benifits of Paypal as a business and how it works, check out

Thanks for reading this tutorial, hopefully it will help you bring your online store to new hieghts

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