How to create a profile on twitter?

Hello again!

Today I noticed that more and more social networks are communicating what I want in short and simple ways. I like to use these networks keep the attention of my followers or customers on my website. And if you’re starting a business or want to promote yourself personally, you should not overlook this valuable resource.

Many of you know Facebook, a network we talked earlier on our blog. (click here to see how to create a profile on Facebook ) . But today I want to teach you how to create a Twitter account , one of the most popular networks for its cogency and impact.

create twitter

For those who do not know, Twitter is a mini Blogger and each message is limited to 140 characters. Millions of people use it to promote themselves and their companies. You can use Twitter to maintain direct contact with customers, report products, spread news etc. The main difference with Facebook is that it is much less complex and its main purpose is to convey concise information.

twitter account

How to start?

The first step is to go onto and sign up in space, “Are You New to Twitter? Sign or Plaque “. Put your full name, email address and password. Then press the “Register for Twitter” and you have your account almost ready. Twitter checks that to make sure there is no user with your same name and sends a confirmation message to your email. Choose a password that is easy to remember but difficult to hack. When your account is ready, you have to confirm a few steps, simply follow the instructions giving by Twitter.

Once you enter, you receive a list of suggestions for you to follow other users. You can select the ones you want or look for someone specific. The next option, find your contact’s Twitter accounts to follow. The system may ask you for your password, then it will search through your contacts and locate those who use Twitter.

If you have set up your contacts, it is now your responsibility to attract followers and communicate news and statuses. I recommend you start by customizing the profile using a photo and wallpaper so it will be easier to be recognizable to your followers..


Thereafter your Twitter will be more visible and you can dive right into the exciting world of “hashtags”. As for me, I find the messages my followers send me very useful. I recommend that you check your account often to get the maximum possible engagement with your followers.

Wasn’t that easy? I hope so.

And now … get tweeting!

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