How to create a company page on Linkedin

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Nowadays the online presence is one of the most important things for a business to grow, either you are online or you don´t exist, in one of our previous posts, we have explained already this importance.

And because of this fact you should consider to open a page for your company on Linkedin.

Linkedin is the biggest professional network and is considered one of the most important platforms to find and offer jobs. You probably have by now your own personal profile, but do you know that you can create one for your company? Do you know how to create a company page on Linkedin?

In the next few lines I´ll explain how easy is to create one:

  • First things first, you need to have your own personal profile on Linkedin to do this, it can be yours or one of your employees.

  • Secondly, on the main page of Linkedin you go to Interests and you select Companies.

Now, as you can see on the picture below on your right side you should have the option to Create a Page

Cómo crear un perfil de empresa en linkedin 1

After clicking on “Create”, you will be asked for the Company´s name and your email address, you also must confirm that you are the company´s official representative. Please note, that the email address needs to be the one from your company, your personal address won't work.

That´s pretty straight forward to get to this point, but now comes the most important part. On the picture below you can see the screen that you should have in front of you.

Cómo crear un perfil de empresa en linkedin 2
  • On this part you need to be careful and fill in this information as accurate as possible. Make sure you describe properly your business and company and also use the same keywords on the Description that you use on your website. This is of major importance, because is the first thing people see when they click on your company page, and also keywords and Industry will be important for the search engine.

  • After all of this being done, you should select on the bottom who you will grant access to modifications on your page. Can it be just you, or also your Community Manager or someone on your Human Resources Department.

  • Not less important is to upload your Company´s logo and a cover photo. Make sure they match your Company's image, you don't want to be sending mixed messages to your followers anc clients.

Cómo crear un perfil de empresa en linkedin 3

Now that you have your company on Linkedin you should decide what you want to share and update. It´s important that you understand how this Network works, in order that your presence here can be useful for your business. In any doubt, just ask Linkedin on their help center, they have a lot of useful information. Invest some time on Linkedin, it´s a very powerful tool for businesses and for networking.

Share your thoughts with us. What is your experience with Linkedin? Have you use it much at a personal level? What should your company post on Linkedin?

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