Create a blog, the best tool to generate contents

Content marketing is gaining strength. For those unfamiliar with this term, content marketing consists in providing quality and useful information to your audience. Google rewards those contents that are best for your public.

But what is the most appropriate place to provide this information? Generally the web and specifically an excellent tool inside your web is the blog.

create blog

If you want to create a blog just :

Decide the theme of content you want to talk about.. For example, if you have a restaurant can be recipes. It is a way to connect with your assistants and visiting your website. It is that you become famous for sharing your dishes with the other , and even attend your restaurant to eat at first hand , right?

Use a tool to generate contents..And what is the best one? An excellent tool is the blog.

How to create your blog? A great way is by using Mobsyte. If you have upgraded to the Premium Plan, Mobsyte lets you add a blog as follow:

1. Drag or click in the left in the blog page type:

creating blog bussines

2. Edit the title and the posts:

conteins blog

¡And voilà! Your audience can follow your contents on the blog. In the following posts, I’ll tell you how we can better communicate the content (also called posts) in different media and social networks.

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