How to create a Youtube account

If you are into networks, surely you’ve ever shared a video with something that caught your attention. The power of images in motion is so amazing that you have more information in only 1 and a half minutes than dozens of written pages. And if you’ve shared a video you certainly will know the top one platform for online videos: Youtube.

Today I will teach you how to create an account to upload videos and post them. The first step is to have a Gmail account. If you have one, it is not required to register. But you might also want to create an account specifically for this particular platform. Thereafter, “register” or “Login” and you can start working with

create youtube

To upload a video, you need to click on the “Upload” button. A window will appear to load the file you want and you will find the option to make it public, private or hidden. The upload process will depend on the speed of your Internet connection (it usually takes 1 to 5 minutes per MB with a high speed connection, plus a few additional minutes for format conversion).

youtube account

I usually edit my videos privately to work on image properties and video’s information: Title; Description; Video category; Tags, broadcast, maps, dates… If I want to view this information, I click “My Videos” and access my video manager, where I can edit all the above information or perform video enhancements such as contrast, definition; music; subtitles; etc. Once you’ve made corrections (Remember: less is more…) you´ll return to the manager to make it “Public” or keep “hidden” until you decide to release it.


Now you can easily upload the video to your website. In my case, I chose to use a feature of the Mobsyte editor called “Add Video”. I drag and drop this module on my page and post the video by inserting the YouTube URL assigned to it.

create an acount

Another interesting aspect of YouTube is that I can check my video statistics such as number of views, subscribers to my channel, how many people have liked it, etc …

Well, I hope I have explained the simplicity of how to create a YouTube account, upload a video, edit and make the implementation in my page.

Remember: Great videos are well indexed in Google.

See you at the next learning pill.

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