Basic tips to choose your partners

Within the entire business model diagram, also known as canvas, you have to consider partners you associate with to deliver your value proposition to your customers.

What types of partners have to be aware of? There are the following:

Non-competitors : those that are related to your services and providing other services.

Competitors ( ” coopetition ” ) : Although surprised , the competition is who can best learn. Remember that the market is very big and does not have to be fear to collaborate.

Joint Ventures : associate with other companies for a joint project that gives more value to your customers.

Customer-supplier partnerships : partnerships with your clients where these become partakers of your business . For example, in Lookiwasthere the own users share travel .

And how do you choose? Based on criteria such as : the confidence that they offer , complementarity to your business, the price you get and quality , the affinity to the project and the needs of your business model .

Some examples of partners who have been in Mobsyte are:

In technological infrastructure : the domain provider ( 1and1 ) , the hosting service ( Digitalocean ), the payment service (Paypal ), the shipping service e- mails ( SendGrid ) .

Strengthening business : commercial agents, affiliates , partners and reselllers .

In technical reinforcement : agreements with universities and institutes to expand the development team.

In strengthening marketing : content marketing companies , content review or broadcast media.

Note that if you want to offer a professional service , you will always need skilled employees in various areas that are not your expertise. Identify what they are and surround yourself with knowledgeable people to help you reach your customers and properly deliver your value proposition.

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