Steps to add your website to Google

Steps to add your website to Googlw

So much effort to create a website and then Google doesn't know it exists? It´s almost like owning a Lamborghini and not taking it out for a ride, right?

Well, if you want to get known and that Google starts to recognize your website, the first step is the following:

1.Enter on the following Google´s address:
sitio google

2.And on the URL add a the new address, for example, the website´s URL that have just created with Mobsyte. For example:

Are you allowing Google to keep ignoring your website? Take this first step, it only takes a few minutes and you have already advanced to put your website out there. Remember and repeat with me “First Step”! There´s still a lot of work, with some help and constancy you will see, little by little, you effort being rewarded.

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