7 tips to choose your domain name

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Today I want to talk about domains, an issue that involves some serious reflections on the direction you want to go with your website but also your business. When I say “domain” I do not want to discard the word host, since the two often go together. But in this case I will refer to the domain in a verbal sense.

Many long paragraphs, posts, articles, tutorials, etc… have been written on this subject, I just want to teach you the basics so you can choose yours in the most efficient way possible and work.

Ya lo sabes… You already know … simplicity first!

Build domains

1. First, I can assure you that getting your domain will help you gain visibility and brand recognition . Many people are tempted to pick one related to a generic activity, but this does not say enough about what you do or about your brand image . (b.p. vendofruta.com). If you do not want to discard it, make a list of your keywords and use only those that are less contested and are closer to your brand.

2. Another very important aspect on my list of things to look at: it avoids confusion. We all love the “ñ”! But it’s not practical if you want to locate your name from the far corners of the planet. Not all keyboards contain it and you will worsen the ratio of type-in ​​traffic. This tip also works for symbols like pound “#”, underscore “_”, etc.

3. Make it easy to write but also listen. It’s really cumbersome to spell out a website whose domain contains unconventional spelling. And if you’re planning to include the letter “x” be aware of where and how to place it so that search engines, proxies or firewalls don’t catalog your website as containing adult content.

Choose domain

4. Short domains are typically easier to remember and type. So pick one that has between 20 and 25 characters. Searchers will appreciate this detail and it will be indexed better. Also try not to repeat the same consonant or vowel in a row unless absolutely necessary (ex: google.com, apple.com)

5. Regarding the root .com, it’s the first option you should consider as it is the the most popular but if you a choosing a domain for a specific type of business(organization, government, network, etc) you’ll probably go for another type: org, net, edu … If your business focus is located in a particular country can choose a national root (ex: New Zealand .nz)

6. There are tools like whois.net, DomainsBot, Domaintools or similar ones that help you choose the most appropriate domain parameters to supplement existing keywords or domains.

Create domain

7. The working portion of the domain. Once you have chosen an available, register it in the best possible condition for as long as you can. Note that if you change or lose ownership of the domain it loses the Page Rank that Google has given you.

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Have fun creating your web page!

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