6 reasons why people are leaving your website

Attracting visitors to your website is no small feat. However, getting them to stay is another issue altogether. Below I list 6 reasons why visitors might be leaving your website.

1. Loading too slowly. There is nothing worse than a website that loads too slowly. According to a study undertaken by Kissmetrics,40% of visitors leave a website if they have to wait for longer than 3 seconds for a site to load. Internet users expect to get information quickly and the longer that they have to wait for your page to load, the more likely the chances that they will leave. Your website might be loading slowly due to how sophisticated/complicated it is or because of the web host that you are using.In the Internet world, simplicity is key.

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2. Poorly placed ads. When placing ads, ensure that they are properly placed.Pop-up ads are highly discouraged because they are annoying and intrusive.Ads should not be the first thing that visitors see when they go on your website and they should not take up too much space. While ads can be quite useful as an extra source of income,improperly placed ones will lose your visitors in the long run if they feel like the only reason your website exists is to promote ads and not to dispense any relevant information/content.

3. Intrusive use of audio and video.. If you are going to use audio and video on your website,ensure that they do not auto-play.As well as being intrusive, this is usually annoying and frustrating as a visitor will have to spend time looking for the mute button.Using media also slows down your website and makes the loading time longer.

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4. Poor navigation. This is a major problem that most websites face. When creating a website, one of the major things that you should focus on is ensuring that your websites is properly navigable. Websites that are hard to navigate frustrate visitors and leave them feeling helpless. Visitors should not have to put in an effort to navigate your website. Ensure that your website is not difficult to navigateand has no broken links. This might help encourage visitors to stay on your website.

5. Lack of information.If a visitor goes on your website and cannot immediately find the information that they are looking for, then they will probably get impatient and leave the site. Ensure that information on your website is displayed in a clear and easy to find wayand ensure that the information displayed is up to date. Make sure that any important information on your website is displayed on your home page in a clear, catchy way.

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6. Unprofessional looking website. An unprofessional looking website might manage to bring in traffic but the visitors will not usually stay for very long unless they are looking for something.An unprofessional website usually has a poor design and structure. .If there’s anything unprofessional looking or shady about your website, users will usually not linger on.In this day and age, professional websites are the norm, so an unprofessional website stands out as unreliable and untrustworthy.

By ensuring that your website is at its best will not only improve the credibility of your business but will also aid in reducing the number of visitors who actually stay on the website.

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