5 Steps to Create a Logo


Every company needs to have an image that existing customers or potential customers can get identified with. That image normally comes under that logo, which represents the company and makes it easier for people to connect the service or the product to that image. 

After having so much contact with small business and startups we have realized that creating a logo wasn't always that easy and sometimes paying for a designer to create one is not an option. 
So we have decided to dig up a little bit through online tools and came across with this very simple one to create free logos. It´s called Hipster logo Generator and I'll show you how to create a logo for your business in just 5 easy steps

1.Choose your base shape

This is the first thing you need to do, choosing the basic shape of your logo.


2. Add some details

On this part of the process you can add a few tweaks to your sketch.

There are a few more options now than on the previous point. On our logo we chose a palm tree because we are cool! Just try a few options and see what suits better to your business. I can assure you that this part is good fun.

3. Add some Text

Now you can add your business´ name and a claim if you wish. We have decided to keep it simple and just added our name and the year of foundation.


You can add some text on the top, bottom or middle and the type of text can be also changed. 

4. Colour your logo

It has been really easy so far and it won't get difficult now. At this stage you can mainly do two things: changing the logo´s colours and adding a background photo.
However you can also mess around with some filters and blur the image. 


5. Generate the logo

Last step is to generate your logo, you just need to download it. The only free version is on PNG and 600 X 500 pixels. If you want it bigger it has a cost of $5.


This tool is quite simple and you can´t expect to create very complex logos, however for someone who´s starting a small business this way of generating logos can be useful.

However if you need a more professional logo, Mobsyte has a partnership with 99 designs where you can have a custom logo for $99.

What do you think about this Tool? How did you create your company logo? Did you use any other online tool?

Share your thoughts and have fun creating your logos.

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