11 mistakes that people make when creating websites

In the world that we live in today, first impressions are very important. Your website acts as a reflection of you and your business, so it is only right that it is properly constructed. A while ago, I visited the website of a small but prominent company that I occasionally frequent. The website looked like something that was built in the 90’s. Needless to say, I left the page almost immediately. How many times have you logged onto someone’s website and left the page almost immediately because the way the website was set up simply did not appeal to you? Businesses that are not properly web optimized risk being left in the dust. These are 11 common mistakes that people make when creating websites.

website mistakes

1. PUTTING CREATIVITY BEFORE FUNCTIONALITY: People tend to go overboard trying to be creative on their website instead of just making it as functional as possible. There’s a saying that less is more and this should apply to you website. There should be a balance between your design and the message that you are trying to portray.

2. LACK OF MOBILE OPTIMIZATION:This is one thing that people tend to overlook when setting up their websites. Studies have shown that more people use their phones to browse the Internet, so it is important that your website is mobile optimized. When a website is not mobile optimised, it is often difficult to use and requires quite a bit of effort from the part of the user and the more effort required to use a website, the less likely the user will stay on the website or return again. According to David Chen, a good mobile website should look like an app. Fortunately, there are numerous websites out there that offer mobile optimization for your website. Mobile optimization can be a powerful tool to help promote your business. The website FragranceNet.com reported a 48% jump in mobile sales on creation of a mobile site.

3. POOR CONTENT ORGANIZATION: This can occur when the quality of the information provided is mediocre. When uploading content, make sure that the content will interest your audience and avoid being repetitive. Also ensure that the content is proof read to avoid any unnecessary errors, grammatical or otherwise. Another thing to note when it comes to content is that you should avoid putting up too much of it. Nobody wants to see a lot of content especially when it involves text. When displaying information, keep it short and simple.

4. INADEQUATE CONTENT. Acabarán pensando que el único propósito de tu página web es promover publicidad en vez de ofrecer información o contenido relevante.

5. DIFFICULT TO READ AND UNDERSTAND: Another problem your website might have is that it may be difficult to read. This happens due to the type of font or font size, or due to the contrast between your font and the background. Using a fancy type of font like this will make your site difficult to read and will require a visitor to make an effort to decipher what is being said. If they have to do this, then they will most likely leave. Font size also matters a great deal. When selecting one, pick a size that will be easy to decipher. Finally, you need to ensure that the contrast between your font and the background does not make the information harder to read and understand. While a blue background with brown font might look nice, reading it will be incredibly difficult.

This website is a perfect example of what not to do. The text here is difficult to read and understand due to the contrast between the font colour and background.

6. UNNECESSARY USE OF MEDIA:This is a major mistake that people make. Going overboard with media like audio, videos, and images is not only often unnecessary, but it can also be very annoying. A lot of media is only permitted where your website is a media based one. Also, avoid using Flash, as Google does not recognise flash based websites. Flash tends to make your website unnecessarily complex and simplicity is usually bliss. If you are going to use media of any kind, simplicity is key. You should also ensure that the media quality is top-shelf.

Theologos, a jewellery outfit is an illustration of this point. As well as the unnecessary use of Flash, you have to go to another page to stop the music from playing. There are also navigation issues here, as a visitor will have no idea where to go.

7. DIFFICULT TO NAVIGATE:This happens when visitors get to your site and do not know where to go because the information that they need is difficult to find and links are hard to find. In situations like this, visitors will quickly grow frustrated and leave if they are unable to find what they are looking for. Visitors should be able to find their way around the website. It should not be a struggle.

8. NO MARKETING:Simply building a website and assuming people will come without any further effort on your part is ridiculous. You have to properly market your website in order to attract customers. You can place advertisements online and even in newspapers and magazines. Google Ad Words is an effective way to do the former. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also quite helpful. Without it, your website will be difficult to find. Using the right keywords will help increase your ranking on search engines. The use of flyers, banners, and even e-mail marketing can help to drive traffic towards your website.

9. MINIMAL USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media is a good way to get your website out there. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram can help bring traffic to your website. Social media allows you to interact with other users online and posting interesting stuff on your social media and starting/participating in online conversations will help to bring traffic to your website as well as help to establish your brand. By adding social media to your site, it will also allow people to share your content on these platforms and attract more users.

Coca-Cola is an example of a company that has properly integrated social media into their business. They post regular updates on both sites and interact with the users while promoting their products.

10. NO MAINTENANCE: Some business owners seem to believe is that all you have to do is create the website and not do anything else after that. Website maintenance is crucial. Content can quickly become out-dated so it is important to regularly update your content. Constant maintenance of your site will also help to determine that there are no broken links on the website.

11. NO CONTACT INFORMATION: By not including contact information like an address, phone number, or e-mail address, you may be potentially losing out on a new stream of revenue. Potential customers should be able to conveniently contact you about any queries they might have. When making a contact page, ensure that it is easy to find to avoid having visitors search the whole website.

These are only a few of the mistakes that people make. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that the quality of your website is top class. What do you think the worst mistake is?

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